As a seasoned Family Lawyer, I always encourage warring spouses to do everything they can to save their marriage. In most cases, divorce should be a last resort, as it is financially and emotionally devastating to everyone involved.

Be reasonable. Be courteous. Don’t be petty. Do your best to negotiate a reasonable Separation Agreement with your spouse, even if it seems like your spouse is the most unreasonable person on the planet. Want some perspective? Here are some unbelievable TRUE stories of divorce from around the world:

India: A woman divorced her husband after two months of marriage on the grounds that she “couldn’t trust him.” The reason? He failed to update his Facebook relationship status to “married.”

Italy: A woman filed for divorce three weeks after her wedding when her husband brought his mother on their honeymoon. Talk about a mama’s boy!

Italy: A 99 year-old man filed for divorce when he discovered that his 96 year-old wife had engaged in an extramarital affair 60 years earlier. They became the oldest couple ever to divorce.

Germany: A neat-freak husband finally pushed his wife to file for divorce when he tore down a wall in their home because it was “dirty.”

Israel: A man divorced his wife after she adopted 550 (Yes, that’s five hundred and fifty!) pet cats.

Cambodia: After 18 years of marriage, a husband who wanted to split the marital assets exactly 50-50 sawed his house in half. His ex-wife still lives on her side.

A couple divorced after ten years when the husband discovered that the wife had lied about her age when they married. She said she was 24 but was really 30.

A woman was granted a divorce from her husband when her pet bird started saying things like, “divorce” and “be patient.”

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