The fact that My Ontario Divorce offers “Separating From Your Spouse 101: The Divorce E-Course” for FREE is amazing. The information provided is very beneficial. The E-Course really helps people understand what to expect and how to handle different situations and scenarios. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate all you’re doing.
Lisa Garland, Burlington

This is a “kudos” to you and all of your staff who take part in organizing your website and the information available to those of us who need your assistance. I was lost in a sea of paperwork and unsure of how to proceed until I found your website. I’m happy to say that as of September 30th, I will be divorced. So, I wanted to say thank you very much.
Connie Burnett, Niagara-on-the-Lake

I found MyOntarioDivorce.com very informative. I was able to find a lot of useful information with great ease. I am not very computer literate, yet I had no trouble navigating this website to find what I was looking for. I will definitely recommend MyOntarioDivorce.com to anyone I know going through a separation or divorce.
Mark Tice, Orillia

The reason I chose MyOntarioDivorce.com was because I had already had the legal work done and didn’t want to pay a lawyer to do “nothing;” all the work was already done and the lawyer still wanted $1200. When I entered all my information in the Questionnaire, my court papers came out perfect and I feel confident to represent myself in court with them. If I knew someone that was in a situation similar to mine, I would recommend MyOntarioDivorce.com. It was easy, the people were caring, and I feel confident with the end product. Thank you for getting me through this.
Lauren Trapman, Carleton Place

Thank you very much. MyOntarioDivorce.com was very helpful for my divorce case.
Mubarka Kamni, Scarborough

I found MyOntarioDivorce.com helpful when I wished to proceed with an inexpensive divorce. I was afraid of getting caught up in a situation where a lawyer might exploit me. My income is reasonable but I couldn’t afford to pay a great deal. MyOntarioDivorce.com really helped me understand the process and know what the court costs would be. It met my expectations and in fact made me feel more comfortable with pursuing a divorce on my own. I am most grateful for your honesty and your deep sense of caring when people are in an emotional state that could prove hazardous if exploited. I would not hesitate to recommend MyOntarioDivorce.com to friends or relatives should they need this type of help. And I thank you for making this information available to those of us who want a quiet and simple way to free ourselves.
V.P., Ontario

I would have to say that I found MyOntarioDivorce.com very easy to use and very helpful. I knew that there was no reason for me to engage an expensive lawyer as my spouse and I had already completed our Separation Agreement ourselves and we had agreed on everything. All we needed was to get the divorce finalized. The thought of the paperwork was daunting and in the process of researching what had to happen, I came across your website. I really liked how everything is laid out clearly as to whether the Simple (Uncontested) Divorce would work for me. I also loved the documentation preparation from a series of questions the website asked. It made it easy to do. I also loved that I could complete it all from my living room at 11PM! What a great service. Thank you so much!
Judith Martin, Kitchener

Many thanks for Separating From Your Spouse 101.
Larry Lewis, Toronto

Separating From Your Spouse 101 is an excellent piece of material.
Michelle Devita-Irwin, Toronto

I think MyOntarioDivorce.com is amazingly well thought out and excellently designed.
Roman Neubacher, Markham

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